Teacher Awards

Life Members:

For contribution to the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers:

Norm Robinson John Lee Robert J Guest
Norm Thomas Peter Crick Ivan Gant
Don Bartholomew Robyn O’Leary Graeme Harris
Peter Jones Lisle Brown Graham Quintal
Rod Francis Gail Roberts Arthur Kelly
Jenni Wilkins Ian Baird
Trevor Sewell Tony Butler
Tony Barnett Phil Hurst

N.B. JA Sutherland awardees are also life members so are included in the above table

* * *

The J. A. Sutherland Award

For excellence / contribution to Agricultural Education in NSW Secondary schools

The most prestigious award that can be awarded to any teacher of Agriculture in NSW is the J. A. Sutherland Award. The J.A Sutherland award is named after Alan Sutherland.

In 1993 it was decided to confer posthumously the J.A Sutherland medal to Ian Parbery, the foundation President of the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers (1973-1974). This set the bar high and to be associated through the award with Ian Parbery is indeed an honour.

[For further information: BAAT 2011 Summer Bulletin No.39]

The most recent recipients of the J. A Sutherland Award are:-

1997 Peter Jones
1999 Dr Rod Francis
2001 Jenni Wilkins
2003 Trevor Sewell
2004 Tony Barnett
2006 Robyn O’Leary
2008 Lisle Brown
2010 Ian Baird
2013 Ivan Gant
2015 Graeme Harris
2017 Arthur Kelly

The criteria for making the J. A. Sutherland Award are as follows:-

  1. The Alan Sutherland Memorial Award be presented to an Agriculture teacher judged to have made a significant contribution to the teaching of Agriculture;
  2. The recipient be a secondary school teacher who is a member of the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers;

iii. The award be judged by a committee comprising the executive of four and two members nominated by the committee;

  1. Nominations for the award be made by any member or group of members in writing at least three months prior to the Biennial Conference;
  2. Nominations or a summary of nominations to be included in the Association Newsletter prior to the Biennial Conference;
  3. The judging committee reserves the right not to make an award in any Biennial; the award takes the form of –
  4. a)a perpetual trophy inscribed with the name and year of the recipient,
  5. b)a personal award to the recipient.


vii. In the event of the biennial conference not being funded, the award be made and the members advised in the next edition of BAAT.

A significant contribution should include –

a work or event from which many benefit OR an outstanding worker OR an innovation

A Tribute to Alan Sutherland

* * *

The Charles Mullarvey Award

Named after Mr Charles Mullarvey who was the First Inspector of Agriculture in schools in NSW and did much to promote Agriculture and excellence in NSW.

Presented annually to:-

  1. the student who achieves first place in Agriculture at the HSC
  2. the student with the highest mark in the Project component of HSC Agriculture
  3. the top student in Primary Industries

Recipients of the Charles Mullarvey Awards from 2004 to 2013 are to be found HERE

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NSW Professional Teachers Council Awards

This is a special award to a member from a teachers’ association for “Outstanding Professional Service” to that association.

2004 Recipient: Patrick McCann
2007 Recipient: Ian Baird
2008 Recipient: Tony Butler