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Nov 23: Negotiated a new hosting plan with ventraIP which has greatly reduced the cost of maintaining our website

Oct 16: After some delay our website is now up and running again with ventraIP


Jul 1: IntaServe has been bought out by ventraIP Australia. We have a new Web Host - again!

Once again we needed to update the web editing software as the previous software was only a trial version that lasted for 12 months.


Sep 8: We have a new Web Host - IntaServe - which accounts for web editing software not working - new server, different set-up not compatible with old software. Access via http only at this stage. Webpages have been updated by this method of access and files uploaded. This is a temporary solution-still working on a permanent fix.


Sep 2: A note from the webmaster. For the last 5 months I have been unable to update this website due to being overseas, then having major surgery with a period of enforced R&R. When I tried to update webpages in August I found I no longer had access to the web site. The Helpdesk said everything was OK but I still couldn't get the access that I needed. Limited access is possible via the cPanel which is what I am using to edit this webpage. The test is whether or not I can save these additions to this webpage. Here's hoping!


Jan 8: The linked social network website nswaat.ning.com has been suspended due to lack of member usage and on-going cost of hosting the website borne by the webmaster. Perhaps a nswaat group on facebook would work.


Sep 22: Updated Web Statistics for nswaat.org.au Feb 25: Web Statistics for nswaat.org.au: 1. Usage Summary - "Pages visited/Files downloaded/Hits" 2. Summary by Month 3. Visitors to the nswaat org.au website during November 2010 Feb 15: The server migration of our hosting account nswaat.org.au was completed with a new IP address for FTP.


Regular updates of association news have been made throughout 2010 with the promotion of various agriculture teacher related events and job opportunities. Further enhancement of webpages has taken place, along with fixes to incorrect hyperlinks.


Sep:connectedhostings.com.au server no longer exists. This has necessitated a change of webhost. We are now hosted by unlimitedspace.com. We also have a new Domain Name Host linked to unlimitedspace.com.

Jan:Executive webpage: details updated

Index webpage: new Executive pdf uploaded


Nov: Study tour of California information. [Tour cancelled]

Sep: New NSWAAT Executive for 2008 - 2010

2008 Biennial Conference at Deniliquin photos

Aug: 2008 Biennial Conference at Deniliquin Report

Jul: "Agricultural image in dire need of makeover." LINK to article by Alison Beaty, Australian Farm Journal Edition 338, 3/07/2008 3:48:03 PM

Jul: The Minister’s Young Designers Awards (MYDA) - closing date Friday 1 August 2008

Jun: The Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC) nomination form with an information sheet

The National Conference 'Innovation Generation'

Sponsors website links for the 2008 Biennial Conference at Deniliquin

HSC 2007 Agriculture and Primary Industries student award citations

May: Advanced information on the 2008 Biennial Conference at Deniliquin

Apr: Password member links removed due to scripting errors. They have not worked since the website was moved to a new host server. This provides better member access to resources.

Apr: Expressions of interest for Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC) Panels

Mar: Professional Development Workshops:7-12 Agriculture & Technology

Mar: HSC Seminars information

Feb: Premiers Agriculture Scholarships for 2008 information

Jan: NAAE Conference 2008 Pictorial Report

HSC Agriculture and Primary Industries Student Awards

Agriculture Teacher Awards

New web hosts "Have it Hosted" have taken over from Connectedhosting


Nov: Promotion for the NAAE Conference in January 2008

Oct: Due to 1,000's of SPAM messages deluging the Executive mailboxes and no means to exclude them using filters, new email addresses have been created as listed below:

The homepage and Executive webpage have been changed as a result

Jul: Teaching resources for the Links webpage and feedback provided by Graham Quintel. Much appreciated.

May: New competitions listed on homepage with details provided via hyperlinks.

Mar: A change to the structure of the nswaat executive has been posted to the executive.htm webpage.

Feb: Various agriculturally related events have been promoted this month.

Jan: State Executive information updated. Several links to external websites/email addresses corrected. Ongoing issues with SquirrelMail and SPAM. Mailboxes are getting choked with SPAM. There is a need for efficient filters to delete or redirect SPAM. Consultation with our host Connectedhosting® continues.


Apr 18: Website has been down again this month but finally back online after 18 days of frustrating attempts to find out what the problem was. It appears that our web host thought our domain registration had expired. It hadn't. When that was cleared up we instantly became accessable to web browsers again!


An increase in "hits" on website noted in the period leading up to the conference , during and after the conference, which indicates the effectiveness of this medium in promoting such events.

Conference Agenda updates added to the Events webpage to replace outdated information.

New directories added to website to better organise uploaded files. Files moved and placed in directories according to their relevance to particular webpages. Links to webpages redone to allow these files to be accessed by members.

Mar: Website is down. Numerous emails have been sent to the web hosts to try and get the access issues resolved. It has taken 8 days for admin to find a fix to the problem.


Dec: Additional information on Biennial Conference Bronze Sponsors added to the Events webpage. Information on Pat McCann's 2004 Award added to the Awards webpage.

Winter_05 edition of BAAT added to the BAAT archives webpage.

Oct/Nov: Spherious Web Hosting incorporated into a new "Web Host" (interesting how a well known Search Engine picked up on this sentence; therefore I have deleted the name). The change-over did not go smoothly and the old Web Server had to be rebuilt. This caused our website to be off-line for over a week. When it came back on-line, many of the functions used for maintaining the website did not work. The potential is there however for improved web hosting services.

Most webpages are now back up again and accessable to web browsers. Squirrelmail remains a problem as all passwords have been lost in the change-over and some email user accounts have disappeared. They have had to be set-up again as new users. Access is via http://www.nswaat.org.au/webmail/src/login.php (and not www.nswaat.org.au/squirrelmail/src/login.php)

Aug: Graphics added to a number of webpages along with updated links. Conference sponsor pages added.

Dreamweaver logo


Jul: Different webpage editing software trialled, including Macromedia's Studio MX.

Apr: Revised dates for Biennial Conference

Mar: Information on Biennial Conference 2006 posted

Feb: Colour added to various webpages


Dec: New pages added and information updated by Ian Baird with much help from Graeme Harris.

Oct: Website completely revised.

Apr: State conference information attached, state world skills photos added.


Dec 2: substantial update , addition of BAAT archives

Sep: New syllabus links added

May 31st: Jobs vacant and casual teachers available forms and page developed

                    Apr: pages updated

Mar 3rd: new pages added to members area of schools teaching agriculture and primary industries. Search site form added to members page.

Mar 1st: Free email for members announced, links added and submission form developed.

Feb 23rd: whats new page added

Feb 22nd: Site goes live, all members with known email accounts receive new site information

Feb 21st: Hosting with Spherious.com.au begins, Sponsored 30% discount off regular price

Feb 20th: Domain name registered.

Feb 19th: Executive meeting approves registering of Domain name: NSWAAT.ORG.AU


Feb 15th: email sent to all financial members to test trial site.

Jan 22nd: New website designed by Graeme Harris and trialed on personal web space.

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