(Links to Agriculturally related websites)

Curriculum Links

NSW Board of Studies NSW Department of Education and Communities NSW Catholic Schools

NSW Independent Schools GoVet NSW  

General Agriculture: Australian websites

ABC Landline Federal Agric, Fish and Forestry
ABC News LandLearnNSW
Agnet NSW DPI Agriculture
Australian Ag Online NSW DPI Primary Industries
Agriweb Farmwide Primezone-primary industry resources

General Agriculture: Worldwide websites

AgriSeek Agriculture online Virtual US Farm Show
Aglinks For Farmers Serenata flowers
Agroweb-links US Department of Agriculture Veterinary Technician School USA

Media Links

Media website Topic
ABC splash Managing insect pests with biological controls []
Edutube Australian Agricultural topics []
GMO Global Alert Genetically Modified Organisms [source:Youtube]
Soil Microbes Soil microbes and their importance to us [source:Youtube]


AWB Ltd FarmerFinder *NEW* - an Australian company looking to support farmers within the agricultural and farming industries.
Ausbulk GrainCorp
Australian Wool Exchange Mohair Australia
Australian Meat Council Sydney Futures Exchange
Co-operative Bulk Handling (WA)


Bureau of Meteorology 10 day rain forecast 14 Day soil moisture outlook
MetEye "Your eye on the environment" - an online mapping tool or Geographic Information System (GIS), used to visualise weather data for Australia.[source:Bureau of Meteorology]
NSW Regional review Synoptic chart Weather Zone
Elders Weather

Other Useful Links

plant topics sites sites
Crops - Summer Summer Crops (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Pests/weeds/diseases(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
    Forage and fodder crops (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
  Cotton Australia Cotton Australia*NEW*
Crops - Winter NSW Grains Board Wheat Growing in Australia*NEW*

Graincorp NSW Silo
Horticulture: The Almond Industry in Australia Nuts (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
Olives Australia Serenata flowers
Lucerne Lucerne (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Pests/ weeds/diseases(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
Pastures Pastures (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Pests/ weeds/diseases(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)

Pastures information (QLD DPI) Pasture Species(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
Trees - Forestry Forests(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) NSW Department of Primary Industries
Trees on Farms
Southern Regional Forest forum (daff Total Environment centre

Federal dept of environment Landcare

Native Plants - Canberra Region Master Tree Growers

Australian Forest Growers Assoc of Forest Products
Vegetables ABC Vegie Guide *NEW* Vegetables(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
  Gardening and Landscaping (The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening and Landscaping US) Yates
Vineyards Wines of Australia (University of Adelaide) Get into wine

NSW Wine Regions Sydney Royal Wine Show
  Grapes(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)  
animal topics sites sites
Animal anatomy Animal Sites Animals in Schools*NEW*
Beef Cattle Angus society of Australia  

Beef cattle (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Breed Object - Beef Seedstock
  Calf milk replacer products (Commercial website)
Breeds of Livestock Livestock (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Breeds of Livestock found in Australia
Dairy Cattle Robotic Dairy (Commercial) Dairy (NSW DPI Agriculture)
Diseases Infectious Diseases (Rice University) Animal Health-Welfare & Biosecurity (MLA)
Poultry Poultry: Broilers Poultry (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
  The Poultry Hub *NEW*  
Pigs Pork corporation links Pigs (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)

Pig resources The Pig Site
Prime Lambs LambPlan Sheep (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
Wool Woolmark links Australian Wool Innovation Limited
other topics sites sites
Farm Safety Farm safety for kids NSW Rural Health
Famous Australians T S Mort (in article on E D Nicole) William Farrer

H V MacKay John Ridley

The Smith Brothers (Stump Jump) Smith Brothers

R M Williams Elizabeth Macarthur
  Ferdinand Von Mueller  
Farm Machinery Goodwin Kenny John Deere

Caterpillar Equipment  

okstate university

Soils Oz Soils (Soil Science at UNE-Interactive) Fertilizer Industry
  Soil Terms (VIC DPI) Soil notes
Water Water conservation/ TCM  
alterate agriculture sites sites
Alternate topics Australian new crops (UQ Gatton College) Boer Goats

Australian Mushroom Growers Association  

Aussie Game Meats Ostrich on line

Ostrich australasia Australian Agriculture (Australian Government)
Aquaculture Growing Australian Aquaculture (CSIRO) Aquaculture
  Fisheries and Aquaculture(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)  
Herbs Focus on herbs Mediherb

Greenridge herbs  

Year 11/12 Agriculture

Topic sites sites
Sustainability Sustainability (LandLearn NSW) Landcare

Environment Dept (Aus Gov) Farming for the future

Land clearing Salinity

Murray Darling Basin "Just Add Water"
    Water conservation/ TCM
Soils Oz Soils (Soil Science at UNE-Interactive) Fertilizer Industry
  Soil notes Soil terms
  Cornell Notes Microbiology terms (Cornell University)
Plants Field crops(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (DAFF)
Pests Pestgenie  
Animals Livestock (NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture) Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (DAFF)

Meat and Livestock Australia Breed Object (Beef Seedstock)

Genetics Australia RSPCA

Animal Health Australia
Horticulture Horticulture(NSW Primary Industries - Agriculture)
Nano & Bio Technology TechNyou (University of Melbourne) Nanotechnology & Biotechnology (Australian Gov)
Agribusiness Market reporting service - Livestock (MLA)  
Precision Farming Precision Agriculture - GPS Systems RDS Australia Agricultural Products
  Precision Agriculture - Fast Facts (CSIRO)  

Vocational Education & Training Links

Topic sites sites
Apprenticeships Australian Apprenticeships Pathway *NEW*  
Chemicals Nufarm (Australia) Aventis (Australia)

Monsanto (Australia) Incitec (Australia)

Chemlinks (University of California Berkeley)  
Chemical safety Using Respirators Poisoning signs and 1st aid

PPE for pesticide users Handling pesticides safely

Chemical storage and disposal (WA Gov) Pesticide sprays
Chainsaw safety Chain saw safety (Maine USA) Using a chain saw
Education NSW Board of Studies Syllabus links
Primary Industries studies Federal employment, industrial relations Federal dept of trade, foreign affairs

Primezone-primary industry resources  

NSW Legislation industrial relations

Workcover of NSW Rural Safety (WorkCover NSW)
Engine maintenance Small engine maintenance How stuff works
Fencing onesteel Gallagher
Tractor Use /safety Virtual Tractor-login as guest, try "iconmatch" (IOWA State University)  
  Tractor safety Tractor safety WA

Large Tractor Safety Header Safety

Tractor maintenance Hay Baling

Dangers of Farm Machinery Driving Farm Machinery safely

Fuels for tractors First Aid after an accident

Front end loader safety Hay making safely

Rotary hoe safety ROPS & guards

Tractor & PTO rescues Working around vehicles safely

How Balers Work Machinery Maintenance General

Tyre Maintenance Silage

Tractor Operation Tractor Selection

Mowers and mower conditioners Tillage equipment matching

Tillage equipment Headers

Spray Equipment Using battery booster leads

Trailer safety
Silage how to make silage links Silage
Hearing safety Farm Noise Hearing safety
Ag Bikes Quad safety  
Manual Handling Manual Handling  
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